COVID-19 Information & Resources

What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a new virus that can affect your lungs and airways. It’s caused by a type of coronavirus. There are simple steps you can take to protect you, your family and whānau.

If you’re not sure what assistance may be available, don’t know who to contact for help, call the free government helpline on 0800 779 997 (8am to 10pm, 7 days a week).

For advice, support and general enquiries call 0800 22 66 57 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday and 8am to 5pm, Saturday to Sunday.

Information and Key Contacts

Unite Against COVID-19

The Government has a dedicated website for COVID-19. Learn the simple steps you can take to unite against the virus and slow its spread. Find out what help is available, FAQs and get the latest updates. Information Types: Wash Your Hands, Social Distancing. Click on the link below to access information:

There are numerous useful resources, posters and information sheets available at

Ministry Of Health

Find the latest information about the COVID-19 coronavirus disease on the link below:

World Health Organization

Coronavirus disease advice for public:

Ministry For Primary Industries

The primary industries have been included as essential services under Level 4 of the COVID-19 response. Operators looking to register as an essential service or with essential service-related queries must contact MPI directly by phoning 0800 00 83 33 or by email to [email protected]. For further information and advice regarding COVID-19 and the primary industries visit their website at

Fisheries New Zealand

If you need to contact a Fisheries NZ staff member click on the link below for a list of fisheries offices in New Zealand by region.

Maritime New Zealand

Due to COVID-19 and required safety measures introduced by the Government, all MNZ offices are closed but their staff are currently working from home. For Commercial Operations/Seafaring you can view the various contact details whether a seafarer or vessel operator etc. For seafarers phone 0508 SEACERT or 0508 732 237, or for operators/vessel safety etc. phone 0508 22 55 22 or go to their website at site


FishServe is operating as normal, with a helpline available for all FishServe-related queries. Phone them on 04 460 955, email them at [email protected] or fill out their online form at

Seafood New Zealand

Seafood NZ has regular updates posted on their website at Just click on the following link for COVID-19 info.

Subsidies And Financial Assistance

The Government has implemented a number of support packages for businesses and individuals to help get through the COVID-19 crisis, including wage subsidies for employers.

If you’ve lost your job or can’t work at the moment you may be able to get a benefit or some other financial help. And whether you’re working or not, if you’re struggling to meet your living costs or get an unexpected bill, you may be able to get assistance.

If you are unsure if you qualify, call Work and Income to talk about your situation by phoning 0800 559 009, or visit their website at under ‘benefits and payments’. Other information for employers and self-employed fishers is also included under this website.

Don’t forget to also contact your local bank for their services and assistance.


If it is an emergency crisis, dial 111 immediately.

Fisher wellbeing

Please contact the Guard Safety team on 0800 237 438. We are an independent service and there if you would like to talk about a current issues that may be impacting you. This is a free service for all fishers who want to talk to someone for general wellbeing support. Please call anytime from 7am-10pm.

Other wellbeing and mental health service contacts

Kiwis feeling down can talk to a trained counsellor for free, anytime on 1737. Always available 24/7. Free call or text 1737.

Lifeline – 0800 54 33 54

Depression Helpline – 0800 11 17 57

0800 WHATSUP – 0800 94 28 78

Guard Family History

The Guard family have a long history in the fishing industry in New Zealand . . .