Did you know: Crotch Straps Save Lives!

man in badly adjusted life jacket

Many lifejackets & PFD’s don’t come with a crotch strap. Look for equipment with these as they can stop them riding up and coming off in the water costing you your life. This is especially important on children’s lifejackets or if you are operating in areas of adverse weather.

Did you know: Lifejackets & PFD’s are different?

Men wearing lifejacket & PFD

Most people just call them lifejackets!! It’s important to note that they are not. A lifejacket will turn an unconscious person onto their back in the water so that they can breathe. Most PFD’s wont!

WorkSafe: Organic Solvents

The link below provides information to help you identify and manage the risks from using organic solvents such as toluene, thinners and methyl ethyl ketone in your business. For every person who dies in New Zealand of a work-related accident, 10 people die from a work-related disease. Organic solvents are a major cause of these […]

FishSafe Safety Guidelines

A link to download FishSafe Safety Guidelines – Update May 2017 Download the FishSafe Safety Guidelines PDF